Class: Mage

Requirements: Dexterity ( Crafting) and Intelligence 3


Using the coveted art of crafting golems, you shape clay, stone, steel and all other manner of material into your own personal guardian. With bit a command, it lumbers forward, fearless, unflinching, and single-minded. Obey.

You learn to craft a golem from clay. You may come across manuals or masters who can teach you to use other materials to augment your golem and make it more powerful.

If your golem is destroyed you can make a new one with a weeks worth of time spent crafting.

Your Golems Accuracy, Strength, and Constitution stats increase an amount equal to half its masters Intelligence score rounded down. Additionally you golem has extra health equal to half of its masters health.

Novice: Your golem act`s on your turn and follows your commands. Your golem has a minor action it can use. You must use your major action to mentally command it to attack, or otherwise do any major actions.

Pick two of the following traits to give your golem from the list.

  • Focus: Strength (Might)
  • +2 Damage
  • +15 Health
  • +1 Defense

Journeyman: Your golem gains the focus Accuracy ( Brawling ).

Pick one of the following traits to give your golem.

  • +2 Armor
  • +1 Attack
  • Focus: Strength (Intimidation)
  • +10 Health

Master: Your golem has it`s own major action. While your golem is with in 3 yards of you, it will shield you, granting you +2 armor

Pick two of the following traits..

  • + 2 Armor
  • + 2 Damage
  • + 15 Health
  • + 2 Attack

Clay Golem

Ability Scores

Abilities ( Focuses)

2 Accuracy
0 Communication
2 Constitution
0 Dexterity
0 Fighting
0 Intelligence
0 Perception
3 Strength
0 Willpower

Combat Ratings











Attack Roll





Special Qualities

Favored Stunts:
Immunities: Mental, Poison, Charm, Paralysis, Sleep


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