City`s and Settlements


Xeladrin is home to many creatures and civilizations. Some with grand cities whos spires reach to the skys, or humble villages full of simple people. While it is easy enough to come across one of these places if you just stick to the road, some are quite spectaculer, and more then just a run of the mill town. Some such places of note are listed below that you may come across during your travels.

Notable Places

The flying city hidden in the sky. Home of the averial. Few creatures save the averial have ever seen the city hidden in the clouds, Though it is a wonder to behold, rare is the occasion.


A flourishing city, some would say utopia, with fertile land and game a plenty. This magnificent city offers a place to all, who can live and prosper within it`s walls, so long as you obey the rules.





Windfield Farms