841ad371703dcb4bb47eb0dd40522280The home of the averial. After the Calamity War ended, and the humans left the titans floating city`s to walk the land, the averial returned, taking roost in the now abandoned city. Over the decades the averial rebuilt it in their own image, as the destruction from the war had left it battered and broken, though not destroyed. The city is powered by arcana and technology, drifting on the wind as easily as a feather. The ancient arcana that keeps it afloat also provides an endless supply of clean drinking water, and the orchards always bear fresh fruit.

The averial took to living in peace and adopting a simple hierarchy, Their is a chief who sees to the day to day events of the city, keeping everything in order. The Falconer is just below the chief, and trains soldiers and leads them into battle or on hunts should the need ever arise. Though a peaceful people and avoidance of conflict, they have not forgot the atrocities suffered at the hands of their creators and are not so ignorant to leave themselves defenseless should some others attempt to cage them once more. Everyone else is considered equal

The averial will sometimes have to leave their city to find resources not readily available in the city. The young averial will take to looking around, and sometimes interact with the land dwellers when they go in search of resources. They are often called `Angels` and treated with reverence when this happens to their amusement. They are fascinated with the growing city’s and technology developing beneath them and love to collect trinkets and baubles when they can. Their is a market of sorts on Nurendalia where the averial will haggle over and trade things they have acquired from the land below.

Nurendalia in all it`s glory is not without defense however. Their is always an arcane cloud around the city, making it indistinguishable from any other cloud, however it only blocks vision of those viewing it from outside of its perimeter. In the city of Nurendalia one can see the sky around, and ground below with ease, as the arcane camouflage do not hinder those looking out from the city. The city is also capable of bringing forth the anger of the storm, The city is capable of manifesting a storm, turning its cloud a dark gray, and sending out bolts of lightning to strike attackers. It is a deadly weapon and effective means of defense used only if absolutely necessary.


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