Religion In Xeladrin


Religion is a diverse subject in Xeladrin. It comes in many forms, with various beliefs and symbolism, some old, others new. A vast majority of the religions have sprung into being from encounters with creatures nobody understands, or from coming across old manuscripts or images. Some religions are fronts for nefarious organizations, a means to an end, or simply a way to goad people into forfeiting their hard earned cash. Some religions are geniune in their beliefs, and look to spread their dietys word for good or ill. In truth no god or goddess is anymore real then one or the other, and nobody has been able to confirm their existence. Few people know the truth of their creation at the hands of the titans, or that many lifeforms were accidents springing into existence during the clashing of arcane energy during the war. The rare few that due learn of this are often scoffed at and considered crazed, though they are in fact correct.