Specializations In Xeladrin



Blood Mage


Shape Shifter

Arcane Warrior




Poison Master

Umbra Agent

Blade Dancer






Aether Knight




2 comments on “Specializations In Xeladrin

  1. Love the creativity! I just picked up the AGE and Titansgrave books and I felt a little stifled by the specialization options. Also, a quick question. I’m going to be DM’ing a game and I know nothing about supplying or balancing loot to my players. At what point +1 swords become +2’s, how valuable they should be, etc. I’d love some advice

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    • a +1 is uncommon +2 is considered rare, +3 is Legendary. So a +2 item is something that would be a part of a notable monsters horde, and their will likely be only be one. +1 items are something an important person or general in an army could have. +3 items would be among the hoards of dragons, liches, lords or champions of the realm.

      The players are very capable of getting along fine with just normal gear, so you should ask yourself how common are magic items in your setting? If it is low magic, the adventurers may never come across a legendary item, a +2 item would be very rare, and a +1 would be pretty uncommon as well. If it is a high magic setting you could almost go down to the local store and just buy +1 items and some +2`s. Legendarys would be a bit more common but likely in the hands of only importan and powerful people or creatures.

      Think of items as more then just stat bumps also. A magic shield could offer focuses, talent, and other unique properties beyond just +`s and those are often more enjoyable to have and use then just raw stat bumps.

      If you get a chance I would read through the magic items in the fantasy age book for some more good info.

      I hope this is useful to you and best of luck in your game.


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