The Guilds


Guilds have been around since the Calamity War. As the humans banded together to overthrow the titan oppressor, they grew into guilds. When the humans made their way to the land below they spread far and wide, building towns. Over the century’s some of those towns grew, and would become cities. Not everything was easy after they received their hard fought freedom though. Creatures formed from the wild arcana during the battle, beasts of war that fled, and other dark things still roamed the world. Guilds took up arms, stationing themselves all over the world, forming a guild hall and fighting against the foul things that still sought to do the people harm.b8a0fb28191b5f283795ec9762d29463

So it went for hundreds of years, some guilds fell, perhaps in battle, or simply being disbanded, while others stood strong, growing and passing on tradition, and new guilds rose from the ashes of the fallen. While only a few guilds can trace their linage back to the Calamity War and still know the true purpose of their beginnings, the guilds still exists and flourish in Xeladrin today. Now most guilds are a means of work, a place for like minded people to gather, adventurer’s, explorers, monster hunters, and to make a living doing it. Some guilds are so prestigious that they are treated like kings, its members treated with the utmost respect, while others a little more then common folk. Rumors abound of dark guilds, who take jobs for ending a life, or stealing valuables, but nobody really knows if this is true.

Guilds are an important part of Xeladrin, they have helped shape the world, discover technologies, uncover relics of the past, and keep the people safe. Even the lowliest guild deserves some respect, they willingly do the jobs other are to fearful to do. So if you are looking for a place to call home, make some coin, and dont fear a littleĀ danger, look for membership in your local guild. Or make your own!

Guild Halls

Qeynos_GuildhallThe base of operation for many guilds, which house their members. Guild Halls come in all shapes and sizes, from castles that would be the envy of kings, to lowly shanty’s. Some guild halls are ancient, full of trophies, traditions, and knowledge lost, while others are newly formed. Guild Halls are a testament to the strength of a guild, a symbol of stature and power, and its members will go to great lengths to make it as grand as they can so that they may get the best jobs, recruit new members and make a name for themselves. While most guild halls are located in a city, not all are. Some guild halls are old keeps in the mountain, abandoned castles atop cliffs, or even in the tree tops. Guild halls will often claim such places as their own to expand their influence, or to even upgrade into a better hall, if their find was superior.

Notable Guilds In Xeladrin

The Court of Ravens

The Griffons Order


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