The Remnants of Old Xeladrin

ruinTheir are many things lost and forgotten in the wake of The Calamity War and The Purging. Ancient civilizations, texts full of lost knowledge, relics of power and all other manner of thing. The world has swallowed most of this up, leaving it buried deep underground, or hidden in deep woods, overgrown and unnoticeable, or even at the bottom of seas and oceans. These lost technologies and knowledge could prove monumental in advancing Xeladrin today, changing the way people think or view the world even. Other remnants are more active, looking for ways to free themselves, or their titan masters, or plotting to rule the world perhaps. Some of these creatures, thought extinct are simply bidding their time, waiting for opportunity.

Many wonders of the lost civilization of the titans, and ancient humans lay buried beneath the soil, or in hidding waiting to be discovered, for good or for ill.

The Titans



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