Origins of Xeladrin

“Before humans walked the world, their were titans” 483_suntitan

The titans once ruled from cities that floated above the clouds, powered by technology and magic. The Titans were a powerful people who towered above the tallest tree’s, and possessed great strength, intelligence and arcane power. For hundreds of years they were content to simply claim ownership of the world and lord over the lesser species who walked its surface. So it went for hundreds of years, the titans lording over all they could see from their lofty castles in the sky. Eventually they would grow bored with their kingdom and the races they gracuesly let live in it at the meager price of fealty and tributes. The titans decided to create a people in their own image that would serve as their personal servants. They poured their magic into clay and sculpted it into shape, breathing life into it. What emerged from the titans labors were the averial. This was a perfect creation, strong, beautiful, gifted with large gorgeous wings allowing them the freedom to soar through the sky’s. The titans hubris and envy however would not tolerate a being more perfect then themselves. So they locked the averial away in gilded cages, kept as pets.

The titans later would try again, this time making sure to not pour as much effort into their creation, lest they fail once more. In the end what emerged were humans, with all of their flaws, bearing no golden wings, nor standing tall. The titans were pleased with this, and so their servants were made. And so it went for thousands of years, the humans served the titans, treated as tools to be used and discarded as they saw fit. While the titans grew lazy over the century, relying on their humans for everyday tasks and labor, the humans yearned for freedom.

What the titans did not expect was the independence that would manifest in their humans, and the spark of the arcane instilled in them on their creation to flare into life. Slowly, one by one though, that spark, that essence gifted to them did manifest, and mages were born. With this new found power the humans now had a means to fight back, to be free of the tyrants that claimed ownership over them. This was the beginning of the Calamity War.

The Calamity War

The humans banded together with their new power and fought back against the titans, resulting in a war that would change the very landscape of the world, and result in strange new species being brought into it. The humans would first overthrow one of the smaller of the flying cities, the first victory, and turn it into a fortress. This first victory would be monumental to their success. Dalaran_conceptWith a flying fortress now belonging to them, along with all of the knowledge and arcane energies within they rallied other humans to their cause. The titans did not sit idly by however and began to fight back, starting with their own humans to prevent them from rallying. Many were slain, though not all titans were successful on eliminating their human servants, and their cities were taken and slowly an armada, fighting for freedom was formed.

The titans, in an attempt to bolster their forces used their magic to create beasts of war to be used against the humans. The human however were tenacious, and would use the magic and knowledge in their growing armada of flying fortresses to create their own creatures to fend of the titans monsters. The war raged on for many years, the great magical energies of the humans and titans colliding, warping and blasting the landscape, reshaping the world and mutating creatures. As the titans dwindled, and the humans numbers and strength grew the war drew to an end. However not all of the titans could be slain, so great was their power, and so the humans enacted a ritual known as The Sealing that stripped them of a great portion of it and locked them away, while others fled in their weakened state.

With the war won, the humans abandoned the floating fortresses and descended to the world below, setting foot on soft earth for the first time since their creation. As time passed the stories became myths, myths became legend, and the truth of their creation, and the origins of many races and creatures was lost to the sands of time.


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