As the great calamity war reached new heights of destruction, and creation, from the ashes rose creatures of e9ca72c80e6811fe491df2c89d44baf4darkness. These beings were cruel, cold, and calculating. These creatures were relentless in their efforts, and filled with a vitality, a strength not innately possessed by their opposition. These creatures were the elite soldiers of the titan army, created by a diabolical titan mage known as Zulrion. They were called vampires, and they feasted on the blood of the enemy, growing stronger with every slain victim, and used the fallen to bolster the ranks.

Vampires were a terrifying force on the field of battle, legions of them lying low ten times their own number, and then raising up the corpses to fight on. A horrifying end to be slain by a man or woman you fought beside, and a gut wrenching choice to cut down a comrade you ate a meal with but only a day before. Nobody reveled in the things that were to come when a vampire made its way into the field of battle. The humans and averial knew all to well what to expect, and it was terror.

For many years the vampires ruled the battles they partook in, and it was not until the humans and averials poured their efforts into finding a way to really deal with them that they were no longer the apex predator, the creature that haunted the dreams of men and woman, the image that caused a cold sweat and fear laden whimpers to issue from between pursed lips.

The human mages tried many times to counteract them, but nothing seemed to work. A plague that caused them to burst into flame when under light, a weakness to certain materials, namely silver and wood, attempts to wrench their undead hordes from them, nothing. It was not until an averial general propositioned a simple, but brilliant solution. “ To defeat a monster, you must make a monster”

It was then, like a thunder-clap, the solution that was within their grasp this whole time struck them.

The Downfall Of A Predetor

With a new approach on the solution needed, the mages researched heavily into the process used by the titans to create life, to endow sentience into flesh and blood. They soon discovered something of that level was beyond them, but hope was not lost. They had other ideas, ideas that would change the course of history as it is known.Shifter

Lacking the ability to create something from nothing, the humans and averial took another approach. Instead of creating, why not simply alter, improve what is already there? And so the first shifters were created. These humans and averial who underwent the process were endowed with the strength of ten men, the resilience of a beast, vitality beyond anything dreamed off, but their appearance became something more savage. Though they now had the strength and toughness to engage the vampires on equal footing, their was a drawback. The shifting caused a change in the minds of those effected, they became more savage, primal, and prone to outbursts, fits of rage and violence. The shifters became berserkers.

The shifters, so named for their alteration into something more, became the hammer that would pound down the vampiric nail into it`s coffin. Much to the disdain of the averial and humans, the shifters were kept in chains, caged like rabid animals for fear that they may enter a rage and slay their own brothers and sisters in arms, but to win a war, sacrifices must be made.


As the war ended, few vampires remained, and with their masters beaten, they fled into the world below. Overvampire_woman-1391639 the course of a few hundred years they were nearly hunted to extinction, nearly. Four vampires remain in Xeladrin today, hiding from humanity, perhaps content with simply existing, but nobody truly knows what their thoughts consist of, but it is accepted that their thoughts are likely horrible things not fit for the minds of any. As the years went on, the vampires adapted and learned from the other beings, taking on mannerisims and etiquettes that allowed them to walk among the humans and others. Using the night, and mind effecting powers they are able to insert themselves into society when it suites them, and hunt more desirable prey should the mood strike.


Though the vampires have many great strengths, two trait in particular stand out as unique. They are capable of breeding, Dhampyres being the proof of this. For what purpose beyond base instinct, or lust would such malign creatures lay with another is unknown. Do they have feelings such as love, caring, desire in their hearts? Are they lonely after thousands of years of seclusion? Nobody really knows, but then again, nobody maxresdefaultreally knows they eve exist. The second thing, and perhaps the most interesting is that the vampires are avidly opposed to those few titans that still roam the world today in their weakened forms finding a way to remove the sealing. The vampires have been in the shadows, sabotaging every effort they could of finding any means of the titans to regain their former power. This is because should the titans become what they once were, the vampires would likely follow suit, and the collar would be placed once more around their necks. After tasting freedom, and moving up in the pecking order, it is an unacceptable turn of events that will not be accepted willingly by the vampires. While this is a purely motivated by their own desires, it is a huge boon to all other beings in the world today, making the vampires ironically the unintentional guardians of all other creatures, to a degree anyways.


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