Windfield Farms

Windfield Farms

Long ago during the calamity war a titan spear hurtled to the ground below. The impact ripped up large chunks of the land, and they begin to float and list on the wind, bobbing through the air, dancing around the giant black obelisk that is the titans spear.

The Farms Today

A village sprung up around this hole in the land, where they found some odd creatures living. These creatures have since came to be known as the Hutzal, and in time the village began to utilize the small floating islands..

windmillThe Wind Farm

With the help of the Hutzal, the people of the wind fields were able to ascend to these small islands and construct large windmills atop them. Large chains were crafted, tethering the floating islands to keep them from listing to far in the wind, though they always seem to find their way back to the obelisk, it is just easier to not have to wonder when a windmill will return. With these they are able to generate electricity to sell. One of their biggest buyers is Lukentor, the gnomish city of invention, Their is also an airship dock on one of the larger floating platforms where ships will come to recharge or stop for the night.


This strange creatures origins are shrouded in mystery, but one thing is known for certain, there are no others like it on the island, ora7a18b1967d91debf0f493887921d7f7 any others for that matter. The Hutzal is comparable in size to a riding horse, and that is where the similarities end. Its hummingbird like body is as agile as one would expect, able to hover in place, dart from side to side and take off with blinding speed, and its alligator like head packs a vicious bite. The Hutzal, despite their appearance have a rather friendly demeanor and will not attack unless provoked. The Hutzal are treated very well by the village and protected. A few times pirates and bandits have tried stealing a Hutzal, only to be met with great resistance by the village.

The Hutzal, even should they be stolen would not accept another rider unless under the instruction of its bonded. The Hutzal bond with a rider for life, making them inseparable. It is said in the village “ You do not choose a Hutzal to bond with, the hutzal chooses you”