Xeladrin Today

Xeladrin is a world teaming with life, magic and steam powered technology. In current time, thousands of years after the Calamity War, the thought of titans, and most knowledge of the war has been forgotten. However lifeAlice-Concept-art-Very-Steampunk goes on, and the humans, the dwarves, the elves and other races have built city’s with grand spires, elegant clockworks, and ships sail the sky.

Mages preform experiments, making monsters or master pieces, rogues steal the hearts of woman, and the jewels around their neck, and warriors guard city’s, or weed out the foul creatures still lurking in the world. Pirates roam the sky’s and seas, kings via for land, and priests spread the words of their gods. Xeladrin is a place of wonder and beauty, with strange things of arcana and technology around every corner.


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